The Schine’s Ashland Theatre opened on March 27, 1942 with Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney in “Rings on Her Fingers”. Seating was provided for 1,250 in the orchestra and 250 in the balcony.

In 1976 two more screens were added however dropping total seating to 600 with 200 seats in each auditorium

Unable to complete with the modern multiplex theaters, it closed on for good in 2009.

Following six years sitting vacant, a local organisation the Ashland Schine Theatre Organisation took it over in 2017, with plans to renovated the building. Simonson Construction Services Inc. were selected to carry out the renovations, which include the latest recliners seats located in a 264-seat auditorium on the ground floor and two 50-seat auditoriums upstairs. The auditorium can be used as a single auditorium orchestra and balcony for live performances, or a three screen cinema. Renamed the Ashland Theatre, it reopened on May 5, 2023 screening movies and will also be hosting concerts, theatrical productions, community meetings and private events.